Get, Set and Shoo!

She gets dog. He meets she. Dog wags tail. He, She and the Dog stay, travel together and make tales!
This is essentially our story.
The Dog is a 12 year old Labrador. She is a vivacious, straightforward adventurous girl. He is a laid back, lazy procrastinator. All three of us were born in India and have now moved to Canada. 
Through this blog, we aim to share our travel tales with the wider world. It is a narration of our choices of locations to go to, what we did there and the overall experience. 
This blog was a long time coming so some of the our older travels will have more of pictures and less of local details.
We do not intend to review a location, a cuisine or hotel nor provide you with a list of options like a travel book. 

Our Travel Tales and more…

Our love for travel (esp. road trips) brought us together more than 6 years ago and since then we have regularly gone on multiple travelentures across India, parts of Middle East, a lot of South East Asia and North America- so far. This blog was a long time coming but we are glad that it’s finally here. We hope you will enjoy going through our tales, memories, pictures. Please feel free to message us in case you are looking for additional information on any location. We would love to support your travelentures!

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