Reveling in the snow: February 2019

So this was an eventful first weekend of February 2019 beyond just reveling in the snow. However, we will focus ourselves on the snow for now.

Saturday- Feb 2, 2019

Yes, we went snowshoeing courtesy wifey’s office friend who invited us over and had extra pair of shoes between her and one of her friends. Thank you!
The big freeze in January meant that the Credit river was frozen and the massive snow storm led to foot-deep snow accumulations on the river. So we walked on the river from Port Credit to Queensway- about 1.5 kms one way. Wifey chose to wear the modern snowshoes with extra grip and clamps while I chose the traditional ones made of wood, rubber and some leather.
The traditional ones I wore were similar to the ones indigenous people used to wear in these areas many decades to centuries ago.
My experience using the traditional snowshoes was that it does not sink too much in snow but given it’s width and length, there needs to be a conscious effort to walk very straight! And yes, no quick U-turns and no walking on ice 🙂
Some pictures from the trip:

Sunday- February 3, 2019

Tangy had been wanting to go for a walk for couple of days now so we decided to take her for an outing to the Trinity Bellwoods Park area in downtown Toronto. Some fun moments…

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