Winter break in Owen Sound- A sleepy quaint town.

Travel PeriodDecember 2018
Length of itinerary21 days
Mode of travelMixed mode- Air, road and water

Yes this was our first road trip in this big, beautiful country since we relocated and bought a car. Almost 12 months since the last one…

Winter of 2017-18 was brutal so as soon as the weather evened out a bit by end of January 2018, we planned our first trip. It was to be the first time we would travel in Canada with Tangy and driving in winter conditions, so we Owen Sound as it is not too far from Toronto, had some dog friendly, budget accommodations and the itinerary matched the vacation we took.

The route we took is mapped below.

Where we stayed:
We chose to stay at the Best Western Inn on the Bay in the city as it allowed pets (with an additional nominal fee of $10) and was bang on the shores of Lake Huron.

Some highlights of the trip

This was a short trip with some local sightseeing today- the idea was to go out and start exploring our new country-home.

What we saw:
There are many small waterfalls in and around the Owen Sound Area, the most famous of which is Inglis Falls. We recommend wearing appropriate footwear as there are trails and treks around each water fall.

Where we ate:
We recommend a brunch/ lunch reservation at Bishop’s Landing at Owen Sound. Built next to the lake with a patio , it offers delectable brunch selections with adequate portion size per plate.
Another place we’d like to recommend is Grey’s Boot and Blade, where we had breakfast before leaving for Toronto.

Picture memories

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